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Masks and PCR kits are laden with Morgellons and Nano particles
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I have changed the order of the videos after realizing that most people will not view them all. The last video I received (on April 10th 2021), which was at the botom of the page and is from Canada, is now the first video shown because it is the most graphic. The second and third videos, which are now immediately under the first are the original ones that were posted at the top and are from the friend in the UK and was received by me on the 7th April 2021.

The first two videos are of the masks in Canada and the UK and you can see that the material is exactly the same with the same black thread-like things that move on their own accord. These are the Morgellons particles. It also proves that these are not isolated to a small batch of masks but are distrubted worldwide. This is literally an attack on the people of the world. The second video starts at the 2 min mark but you can start at the beginning if you want (nothing happens for the first 2 minutes).

The third video is of the PCR swab. It has the same black threads in them. It is imperative that you do NOT allow yourself to receive the swab. All the frontline health workers at airports and other places where they are administering the PCR test probably do NOT know what they are asking people to do. They are 'just following orders'. The pictures below the second video are from these same items.

Please go here to arm yourself with knowledge on how to not allow yourself to have the PCR test administered to you. You need to understand and know your rights otherwise those in 'authority' will trample all over them.

I have always intuitively felt that wearing these masks was wrong and have never worn them. Neither have I had a PCR test. For those who have you have been breathing in these particles, I would be on the watch out for any unusual symptoms. If you have to wear a mask please make one for yourself and do NOT use the light blue/green masks that one can buy in the shops.

Health Canada issued an advisory against masks that contained 'graphine' in them. The PDF of this advisory is here (or here if you want to download it). Two more articles (in PDF form) are here (or download here with the link to the article here) and here (or download here with an external link here). So the news is slowly starting to leak out. But no one can admit to Morgellons being in the masks as Morgellons is a created bioweapon and is therefore vehemently denied that it exists by the medical establishment. Yet the proof that it indeed exists is in the video below. Some good sites to read up on Morgellons are here, here and here.

swab 1 magnified
swab 2 magnified
swab 3 magnified
swab 4 magnified


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