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Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS, is a man-made disease. How do I know? Because I discovered that data in a World Health Organization Bulletin Report. Here is the story of how I discovered it and what happened to the copy of the report I had.

Back in the mid 80's I was doing a lot of research by either reading books or buying magazines of the 'alternative' kind. One of these magazines was called 'Underground' and was printed once a month and sold through most newsagents. The newsagent where I purchased my copy was around the corner from where I lived - about a 7 minute walk or so. The newsagent no longer exists and has become a pharmacy which is to the left of 440 Uxbridge Rd, London W12.

'Underground' was full of investgative news stories that the MSM (Main Stream Media) refused to print or had refused to print in the past, and could be called 'conspiracy stories' by the uninformed. This magazine was a very powerful publication when it came to uncovering truths that were very inconvenient to the power structure of the UK as well as the world and it wasn't long before the government shut them down. But that didn't happen quickly enough to prevent some truly incredible and shocking information from being bought forth into the light of day.

One edition, near the end of the magazine's print run, had a black-ink pen drawing of John F. Kennedy on its front cover. It was a very striking image which is why I remember it. That was the issue that delved into the assassination of JFK. It also had a fascinating article that touched upon many things one of which was a claim that AIDS was created in a lab by scientists working for the WHO. It gave the page number and an approximate year where this information was.

The next day I went to the British Library to check this piece of information out. Back then, the British Library was situated near Covent Garden in the postal district of London WC2, not where it is now - beside St. Pancreas Railway Station. I had to request the WHO volumes, which were called Bulletins, one by one (or two by two, I can't remember which - I believe I was only allowed 1 at a time). I concentrated on the early 1970s and after going through a few and looking at the page number referenced in the article I did not find the report. At the time I had one of the volumes open and having looked at page 257, the referenced page, I felt a bit dispondent and started just idly looking through the book. For some reason I began flicking the pages backwards and when I got to page 247, there it was - the report I was looking for. I can't remember the exact title but it had something to do with T-cells.

I read the entire report, which was about 10-20 pages (I can't remember the exact number but I do remember the thickness of the sheaf of papers), and when I came to the end it listed a number of recommendations and next steps - testing on male African-American HIV subjects in New York was one of them. Where did this 'disease' appear? In NY City amongst the Black gay community.

Needless to say, the report blew me away and I was VERY excited to have found it and to have validated the magazine's article writer. In the article the writer had also stated that the only way that this 'disease' could be destroyed was through sympathetic radio frequency vibrations (smypathetic vibrations are what can shatter a wine glass - find its frequency of vibration and maintain that note or frequency until the wine glass shatters). To this day, I know of no technique where sound waves (or radio frequencies) are used. It is always some drug being pushed.

After I read the entire report I had a copy made and I noted which Volume of the WHO Bulletins it was found in on a green slip of paper. When I got home I put this paperwork into a plastic folder and kept it with me for over 10 years.

In 1998 I moved to Canada and took this research with me. In 1999 I gave this folder with this paperwork to a member of CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) in Toronto. I know who that individual is but I won't say his name here.

The folder included the magazine where the reference to this WHO report had been made.

Over time I eventually forgot that I had given this paperwork out but a couple of years later I asked the individual I had given it what they had done with the info. I was then told that they had moved offices and when I asked for the paperwork back I was told that 'it could not be found'.

To say I was pissed was an understatement. It also brutally showed me how inconsiderate this organization was and specifically how inconsiderate this individual was, bearing in mind I had put my contact details (my email address - which I still have today) on the papers within the folder.

In 2017, when in England, I went to the British Library, which was now located next to St Pancreas Station, over a period of 2 days and looked through the WHO publications they had. First of all the publications were completely different. Second of all they did not have the entire collection.

What I did in the end was to go to the Welcome Trust which was up the road and looked through their collection of WHO bulletins. This time they had all the volumes but the sizes were different, though the covers were the same colors that I remembered.

I spent a few hours there looking through all the reports and was not able to locate the report I was looking for. This time I looked for pages 247 and 257 (the original reference in the magazine).

So the only 'proof' that I have that the WHO created this disease are the memories I have of what I discovered. If anyone wants to do a voice stress analysis, or Scientology search and discovery Auditing, on this story they are very welcome (at their cost of course).

As a postscript to this story I also tried looking for a copy of the Underground magazine that I had purchased back in the 80's. Now here is an interesting fact - one of the mandates of the British Library is for them to obtain every single magazine that is published in the UK and to archive it. Here is a response from the British Library on 16th April 2020 about this topic after I asked a question about this - "Under the 'Legal Deposit Act' the British Library should receive 1 copy of every work, including magazines, published in the UK. There may be some gaps in our collection as we rely on publishers to fulfil their Legal Deposit obligations. It does happen that some of the smaller or first time publishers aren't aware of the Act! If anyone contacted us and made us aware of a publisher not complying the Legal Deposit team would do our best to contact them." Some gaps in the collection is one thing but an entire series of magazines by one publisher is an entirely different matter.

When I tried searching for the 'Underground' magazine, I could not find ANYTHING about it. Its as though it never existed. Seeing as the publisher had just been about to go to press with an expose of the UK Government and its 'invasion' of Belfast before the magazine was shut down, I find it very telling that this magazine has been 'disappeared'. It was probably the sole magazine responsible for an attitude change in me in relation to 'authority'.

As to the rest of the other editions of this magazine, I have ALL of them, apart from this one JFK edition, in storage in Illinois (hopefully).

I will stand by my memory and recollection of the above even to the degree of being voice stress analysed (or Scientology Audited).

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