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I began learning about the American 'system' of law in September 2007 when I got the first traffic ticket that I fought. I had had prior tickets for speeding in California but I either never went to court (1 time) and never heard from them again or paid the fine and had done with it without going to court.

When I got the traffic ticket in Illinois in 2007, because the immigration laws were slightly different there than they were in California, I decided to fight this ticket (driving without a 'valid' license). It was a steep learning curve and I used many tactics and motions from various people and I also found that 'driving' was a commercial term. There were also more than 50 cases about the right to travel especially without a so- called 'license' to do so, as a license in legal terms is a granting of a privilege that one could not normally do legally, which is a crock of shit as a right to travel has been enshrined in the American way of life for at least 200 years and is the preamble to the US Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

Here is the actual definition of license in Black's Law dictionary 9th Ed:

license, n. (15c) 1. A permission, usu. revocable, to commit some act that would otherwise be unlawful;...

Here is the 2nd paragraph in the Declaration of Independence:

'WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - ...'

Here is the Black's Law dictionary 9th ed. definition of the word 'Liberty':

'liberty. (14c) 1. Freedom from arbitrary or undue external restraint, esp. by a government - "Give me liberty or give me death."'

The words 'personal liberty' are also used in various cases dealing with the right to travel. Here is that definition:

'personal liberty. (16c) One's freedom to do as one pleases, limited only by the government's right to regulate the public health, safety, and welfare. - Also termed individual liberty. [Cases: Constitutional Law]'

The lawyers and most unscrupulous judges at the traffic court level argue that the government can license the act of driving due to safety concerns failing to state that 'driving' is a commercial activity. And the word 'driving' is so ingrained in our society that it is VERY difficult to state that you are travelling (not driving). Try saying something like, "I'm going to travel over to my friends house in a minute. Do you want to come?" It sounds weird doesn't it? This is how the 'system' destroys our ability to live according to common sense. The world has become commericialized without us being aware of it and we are never taught (by the public fool system) how to correctly talk to Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) when they 'stop' us.

Even though I fought the case for nearly three years I never went to trial, counter-sued the court for $450 million(!!!) and then got deported by the court (when they called ICE on me to get rid of me).

I continued to study law as I 'caught' another 3-4 tickets while fighting the one that got me deported and this is how I learnt more about the American 'Legal' system than I care to admit - the most corrupt system in the ENTIRE world. But those reading what is in this section will benefit from what I have learnt with great cost to myself and to the love of my life.

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