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This section will work differently to the rest of the site in that the pages will open up as how they look(ed) on their original site but on this server (apart from the Jim Stone site - that will open in an iframe with his actual site showing). To get back to this page, with the sidebar view, there will be a home icon home icon buttonlike this one but with a color style that matches the page you are visiting

This part of the site is complete and contains mirrors of sites that:

a) I have known about and which have now disappeared from the internet (Niravi Payne's site,, Christopher Story's site, Dr. Rebecca Carley's site on Vaccine Induced Disease, HIMAC Research) but which I consider very valuable

b) Are still around and I have got permission to mirror them (Christopher Bollyn's info on 9/11, With Jim Stone's site, here is the entire history of his site between the years 2013 and May 6th 2021 (11GB - give it time to show the download window).

c) or I have been asked to provide a page for someone (Larry Hall)

d) or the owner of the site has died and the site has very valuable information that is in danger of being lost (Bruce McBurney's Himac Research and how to get up to 10x or more your miles per gallon, Christopher Story's site, Dr. Kidd and his Neural Therapy Newsletters, Niravi Payne - a pioneer in the Fertility Field, Victoria Innes-Brown and her experiments with Aspartame)

People or sites may be mentioned in two of the categories above where the site owners have died and their site has subsequently disappeared

A word on Dr. Carley and her two sites ‐ Dr. Carley had an accident a few years ago when walking her dog in the local park where she slipped and fell breaking or fracturing her back in two places. She has been convalescing at her sister's home and has not been able to keep up with site and domain renewals and that's why her sites have disappeared off the internet. I interviewed Dr. Carley in 2014 having known about her for many years. I even attended a talk that she gave in Glen Ellyn, Illinois (south west of Chicago) that was attended by hundreds of people. Her first site design leaves a lot to be desired (not her fault but the fault of her 'web designer') but the information contained therein is incredible and is vital to those who are seeking answers to their childs 'developmental problems' after receiving vaccine jabs. I will be aiming to recover as many of Dr. Carley's audios as I can over the next few months as I think its extremely abhorent that her (former?) web designer charges $50 for just one of her audios that he has stored on his site. I aim to have as many here as I can ‐ accessible to all for free. Most of the external radio show links on Dr. Carley's page no longer work which also applies to the telephone numbers and email addresses sprinkled throughout the page. I have also recovered Dr. Carley's other site (as of the 12th May 2021) which was That is the second one down of hers in the left hand menu.

Victoria Innes-Brown's site,, contains a LOT of valuable information. After she died of aspartame poisoning I copied her entire site and mirrored it on my site. It has been here ever since (from approximately 2008/2009). I have found that there are various people out there who prefer to charge for this information, Dr. Mercola being one of them. In fact I used to belong to his forum and when I posted the URL for this info I was told to not post the URL again otherwise I would be banned! I refused to abide by that unethical requirement and I was even lied to by Dr. Mercola when he said that he had been asked by 'the author' (Victoria Innes-Brown - who was dead by this time) to ask me to remove the info and not post it publicly, which I refused to do and was promtply banned!

Needless to say I have never been back to Dr. Mercola's site as he is highly unethical, basically a money grabbing liar, doing the same pay-for-info with Dr. Rebecca Carley's info (on vaccines and how to prevent your child getting vaccinated) charging $39 for a 5-10 minute audio from her on how to do this.

Anyway, I have a passion for information and recognize how good information is being hidden, wiped out, suppressed, or outright destroyed so that it cannot be re-discovered. So I keep those sites here. If you have any sites that you feel need to be mirrored please let me know.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what is here!

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