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Having spent time working in the city of London (EC4 to be exact) I experienced first hand how the people in this sector of society work and the morals that they tend to have. I was also involved in trying to refinance a hotel in Portugal at the time I was working there, actually flying to Portugal and getting a video made of the hotel and going over its books for potential investors. The attempt at refinancing the hotel didn't work out though the experience opened my eyes to the mortgage/refinance industry.

I was also involved in banking at the highest levels and saw the complete and utter corruption and greed involved there. Some very interesting truths were made known to me which altered my perception of what banking was, and is, all about. During this time I went to Luxembourg and saw how a certain segment of the industry is full of hopeful, deluded, individuals hoping to 'score' a multi-billion dollar deal so that they could collect their huge commissions. The amount of greed and corruption at this upper level of banking is mind-boggling and is not something that is known about to the regular individual on the street.

One thing that I found interesting about myself is that I am unaffected by dealing with large amounts of money (though there may be one person who disputes that). I have an honest streak about me that supercedes all that wealth. This was bourne out in an interesting way when I contacted the owner of a relatively new bank Called A & O Bank. A & O stood for Alpha and Omega. The owner of this bank had placed an ad in Time Magazine and when I saw it, it intrigued me. So I called the number in the ad and was put through to a Mr. Walen who was based in Stockhom, Sweden.

After approximately 10 minutes of discussion Mr. Walen told me that he wanted me to represent him in Europe. I asked him why as we hardly knew each other. He then said that he was nearly 80 years old and that he had been in banking a long time and knew when someone was being honest with him and when someone was bullshitting him. He told me he was very surprised at my straightforward honesty which he very rarely experienced in the banking business. He told me that he needed someone like me to work for him. He then asked me to find out if the new financial regulations that had come into force in the UK would allow me to do so.

At the time the enquiries that I made made me believe that I could not do anything with Mr. Walen because the way I had understood the new regulations meant that I would have to become certified in certain areas. It was only a few years later that I discovered that these requirements would not have applied to the type of work I would have done with Mr. Walen. So that was an opportunity that I lost due to my lack of understanding in this area (regulations).

Years later when I got to know Christopher Story I wrote him a letter about the financial system and put forward an idea which I will share on this page. Mr. Story was assassinated via poisoning before any work could be done with my idea.

The following is what I wrote to Mr. Story when pondering how to destroy the power of the Rothchilds and other nasty people in the banking field.


Date: 23rd October 2008

"Men occasionally stumble on the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened." - Winston Churchill

Dear Mr. Story,

I have written to you briefly in the past and thought that you would be the best person to give this data to. Your thoughts would be appreciated although I am not expecting any, as the data presented may be too far out into left field to merit a response.

My thoughts have been mulling over the world scene and the designs on it, and the people that inhabit it, by those whom you seem to write a lot about; i.e. the criminals and bankers, although it seems that they are both the same!

I have pondered how best to overcome them and come out on top in a decisive manner. The only thing that has come to mind is the saying, by whom I do not know, "An enemy's greatest strength is also it's weakness."

It seems that the one common denominator between all those you write about is money, especially those involved in the Wanta affair. It also happens to be the one medium of exchange used by the likes of you, me, and most every other human being. If one controls the money then one controls people. It seems that someone knew this already, as it was Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild who said, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws."

Now, going back to the saying above "An enemy's greatest strength is also it's weakness." It seems then that the swiftest way to defeat these people is to do away with the money system all together (including credit cards). A radical thought, and one which leaves most people arguing the point with me. But the technology is in place to achieve this, and very easily at that.

Most people in the developed world have credit cards and so are familiar with their use. Debit cards look the same but are slightly differently. The result is the same though. Goods and services purchased with a piece of plastic.

What if everyone over the age of, say, 18, had cards that accessed an 'unlimited' source of 'credit'? For example a universal account backed by the resources of a country? These funds could be accessible through a department called the 'treasury' of each country.

One would immediately say that people would spend their way to oblivion or whatever argument comes up. This is actually impossible to do. One can spend only so much before one feels the ill effects of doing so. Ask any woman. Joking aside, at the moment we have people called bankers between us and this real source of 'wealth' who are the only ones actually benefiting from the efforts of those who believe that they 'owe' money to the 'bank' or 'government'. What is pretty appalling, as you well know, is that the bankers have set it up in such a way that they create something out of thin air which we then have to pay for with our own sweat equity. Our lives are not lived the way we want it. We are always trying to have a job to pay the bills, to pay the rent, pay the taxes, etc, ad nauseum.

By having access to unlimited funds, which is what may actually be happening but we are unaware of it, our survival is taken care of. No more worries about paying the bills, the rent, mortgage, what have you. Most would say, "well people wouldn't work anymore". That is the biggest lie in the world. The same one which was used by Adam Smith to justify introducing an income tax in America in the 1920's.

People are naturally industrious. If from the outset of their working life an individual was given the choice between contributing something to his family, community, or society in a way that he/she wants to with the other choice being not doing anything but watching TV all day, or some other useless activity, one would invariably find that an individual would do the former. It is inherent in an individual to do this. This behaviour will even be observed in a baby. Only through negative reinforcement would an individual choose to not do anything to contribute to him/herself, his/her family, or the society in which he or she lives. The unemployment benefit system is a case in point. Sometimes more money is obtained by not working than working so people who are able to get away with it go on welfare.

So, if people are naturally industrious what would happen? Those who hate their jobs would quit. They would find something else to do. Set up business, utilizing the 'unlimited' credit available to them. Do projects that they have been unable to do, travel to foreign lands, etc. The point is people would not 'not do anything', they would find something to do that they have a joy or passion for, whatever that may be.

Ok, so what happens with the unlimited usage of these cards? The cards would draw on a central account in the country that the individual resides in. Anyone would be able to buy anything he/she chooses. Also, all 'monies' earned by companies and individuals would go back into this central account. After all, goods and services would still be needed. The only thing that would change is the bottom line. There would be no need for it.

The other thing that is odd about Humans is their innate understanding of Exchange; or in other words give and take. If, at the moment, I provide a service and charge a reasonable fee for it, it can be said that I give fair exchange for what I am paid. If I short change the individual then it can be called criminal exchange. If I give in service way more than what the service is worth, then it can be said that I give exchange in abundance. People inherently know this and it comes across in today's business world as the level of customer service/satisfaction.

Companies and services large or small that are unethical would cease to exist, and those that are great and in demand would flourish. A very simplistic viewpoint but only a modicum of thinking would cause one to come to this conclusion.

So, would a country have the ability to do this?

Let's take the US of A, and see if this would work.

Approximately 350 million people reside here. I suspect that out of this 350 million about 150 million work, but lets see if this bears out.

From this URL, (updated monthly, so the actual page is not the same as when I accessed it back in 2008 - the numbers below were correct on the day I viewed this page in October of that year) we have the approximate number.

Unemployment (Household Survey Data)

The unemployment rate (6.1 percent) was unchanged in September, following a 0.4 percentage point rise in August. The number of unemployed persons was little changed at 9.5 million. Over the past 12 months, the number of unemployed persons has increased by 2.2 million and the unemployment rate has risen by 1.4 percentage points. (See table A-1.)

So ...

6.1% = 9.5 million people
100% = (100/6.1) x 9.5 million = 16.39344 x 9.5 million =
approx 155,737,705 working people.

For how much the average wage is we go here:

This gives us the amount of $44,389, which seems a bit low, but so be it.

Now, what is the wealth created by these individuals?

155,737,705 x 44,389 = 6,913,040,987,245 = $6.9 Trillion PER YEAR!

This does not include the corporations that, combined, have earnings that dwarf this.

Now, can one individual spend this much money? Well, yes, if you are of the ilk of the Bushes and Rockefellers of this world (but the money is mostly used to bribe, buy others off, buy armaments, fund vaccine/Eugenics programs, etc). Yet one man has created 24.5 Trillion or more for the good of others (Leo Wanta). So there is a balance! This shows that the outcome would be more in the positive direction than the negative. In other words there would be an abundance of 'money' produced to offset the spending of it as shown below in a cursory exercise.

Lets see what this really comes to if everyone were to 'buy' a house, car, etc.

155,737,705 x 200,000 (house) = 31,147,541,000,000 / 30 years (sort of like a mortgage but not) = 1,038,251,366,666.66 = 1.03 Trillion

155,737,705 x 35,000 (car) = 5,450,819,675,000 / 6 years (sort of like a lease but not) = 908,469,945,833.33 = 908.5 Billion

155,737,705 x 6,000 (guesstimate for food) = 934,426,230,000 = 934.5 billion

155,737,705 x 10,000 (guesstimate for gas) = 1,557,377,050,000 = 1.6 Trillion

So just covering the basics comes to about 4,473,000,000,000 = 4.473 Trillion (per year), which is less than the 6.9 Trillion earned per year by the population.

This does not take into account what corporations earn and what they spend on needed materials. But I suspect that there would be a surplus as in the above example.

Which brings me to another point ...

It can be proved that 80% of people in the world are good, with good intentions towards their fellow men/women. 2.5% have purely destructive tendencies towards their fellow humans (you have witnessed already what these people can do). The leftovers, the 17.5% are at the effect of the 2.5%. i.e they are the thugs in the employee of the 2.5% or are crippled mentally or spiritually due to their proximity to the 2.5% (a good example is John Paul Getty Jr. the drug addicted billionaire heir to the Getty oil dynasty in London who died in 2003).

It is these 2.5% and their minions who will fight to the death the idea of a society free of monetary constraints. The key would be to deal with these individuals or just go ahead and leave them to fight amongst themselves.

Nevertheless, I would predict that a definite surplus would occur, as shown above, at the end of each fiscal year between what people spent and what would come in as 'revenue'.

So what would the world be like 'without money' (i.e. unlimited purchasing power)?

This is not by any means a complete list, but we would probably have:
- No money related crime. This would cover theft, con artists, drug dealing, prostitution, gun running, drug running, financial scams and crimes like what you are covering, mortgage fraud, and a whole lot of other stuff that I cannot even dream of.
- No foreclosures
- No unemployment (as no one would 'have' to work, although people would get 'involved' in things that they love to do)
- No monetary crises
- No ups and downs of the stock market
- No stock market (or maybe there would be one for the sport of it!)
- No Forex (!)
- No medical fraud (so, many less people killed)
- No inflation
- No depression
- No starvation
- No tyranny (as we have now, because tyranny is based upon wanting more power, control, etc, which comes from wanting more money does it not? )
- No taxes (!)

Basically a lot less negative stuff going on.

What would be the positive stuff that would manifest?
- New technologies (re)discovered and used
- New businesses created
- New construction built
- Renovation of old buildings
- Renovation of infrastructure
- Building of new infrastructure
- An explosion of the entertainment and communications industries
- More people 'enrolled' in producing a product (or maybe done by robots)
- More travel
- More innovation (some companies will find themselves without employees even though their product or service is vital, therefore AI and robotics would have to be developed and utilised)
- More professional exploration, hence discoveries, of the Planet and our Solar system by various people and countries
- A healthier population (therefore longer life)
- 80-90% less stress!
- Ergo, a happier population

It seems like a utopian viewpoint does it not? Yet, the only thing that is stopping this from occurring are the machinations of a relatively small group of anti-social criminals. And it may turn out to be even more amazing than one would think.

Again, the only negative aspect of moving towards this would be the control exerted over the general population by those who want to keep the status quo. So these individuals would have to be dealt with immediately. There is already a solution for this too, and it would not take years to achieve. The only necessary requirements would be a number of individuals willing to do something about this. Otherwise we have these wise words:

'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.' - Edmund Burke

This has been a rather simplistic way of putting things, and no doubt you have a completely different perspective on things. Yet, thinking this over and taking the main points in, I think the conclusion that you would come to would be somewhat similar. Although your views in how this would come about would probably be somewhat different. There are many details that I have not covered, yet the outline is what I have aimed for. The more I talk about this with others the clearer the idea becomes.

One needs to keep in mind that the scenario that I have depicted above is actually happening right now. The only difference is that bankers and other criminals around them are insinuating themselves between us and our access to what is rightfully already ours; the right to use the land and resources that we have available to us individually (not exactly worded the way I would like but the concept is, I hope, clear enough).

Your views are actually appreciated.

Yours Sincerely


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