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This site contains over 38+ years of research into all aspects of life and living. There is very little that has not been covered in those thirty eight plus years. Certain subjects have not been extensively gone into because sources were not available to do that much digging. Most subjects have been gone into enough though to see a pattern come into view.

In doing all this research I have discovered something about people that is a bit disheartening - instead of taking on board new information when correctly presented, most people want to cling on to their old knowledge and beliefs no matter the cost to themselves, their families or the world.

Yet I can understand that as it does take a certain amount of courage and fortitude to admit that what one has learnt 'in the system' or from 'authority' is 180 degrees opposite to the truth. It can even make you physically sick when you find out that something that you have firmly believed to be true is nothing more than an elaborate lie told in very convincing terms.

There are two times that I can remember off the top of my head when I became either sick for a week, when finding out that the Church of Scientology was one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet, or very despondent when discovering alternative information about Hitler that showed the Allies as being the actual Monsters of WWII.

Therefore I do understand that you may experience physical symptoms to the information contained in this site that is contrary to what you have been taught all your life or that you firmly believe to be true and then discover it isn't.

When you find this happening, take a break from reading and go out and take a walk and look at your surroundings - the trees, the cars, the buildings, the sky, etc. Do this until you feel better. Then you can go back to reading or take a break from it for a few days until you feel that you are ok to continue. Be respectful of your need to take in this stuff on a gradient, if that is what is required. If you are not used to the information you find here take it in in small chunks.

It is not a coincidence that this site is called Matrixfiles because, just like in the Matrix movies, once you are exposed to what is available here, there is no going back. You can only move forward.

I would like to say though that this site is not here to upset people but to give them the information to make better informed choices and better informed decisions which will allow them to protect themselves and their families that much more against those that want to do them harm.

Yes, you read that right. There are those in the world who are consciously intent on harming others. There are a total of about 2.5% of the world's population hell bent on destroying others, society and the world as we know it. If you take the population of the world at around 7.5 billion people, that's around 187.5 million people out there with the conscious intent to destroy others, society and the world.

So this is my way of levelling the playing field somewhat and in striking a blow against those that want to do us harm.

Many areas are covered. Most of the fields of human endevour that you can think of actually. There may not be any in-depth analysis of architecture, for example, but it is touched upon (somewhere!).

I hope that you take the time to learn and study the information contained herein as it has come at a high price, not only to myself but to others too. Some have died to bring you the information contained within these pages. Others have suffered enormous hardship on both the personal and professional level. So please respect what you come across.

One thing above all though, please follow this maxim - If it's not true for you, it's not true.

I am not here to force information down your throat. You came here of your own free will and you can also leave of your own free will too! But I do know that if you are looking for answers to problems you may be experiencing you may more than likely find a solution within this site. If not, just email me and I will see if I can help.

I hope you find what you are looking for, or that you enjoy what you find within these pages.

Thanks for visiting!

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