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Where You Have Taken The Red Pill


This section provides links to various videos and sites that I have found over the years dealing with a variety of topics. Some of these videos are not easily available or are hard to find now, especially from YouTube, as they are now censoring a lot of these. I make it a point now of downloading anything that I come across that looks interesting with a view to protecting that information from deletion by sites like YouTube and Google (through not having the site come up in their search engine).

This page aims to expose the lies that are promoted by those who want to keep you ignorant. Some of the videos here are so contrary to the 'offical narrative' that it will be very difficult to play on your mobile phone due to the fact that your mobile phone carrier is censoring the info that you watch. Don't believe me? Try viewing the George Floyd video. Unless you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) app (a good one is Windscribe which gives you 10GB per month free if you supply them with your email address) or the Opera browser (that has a VPN built in - at least on a desktop/laptop it has [only Windows 7 and above]) you may find that you will have tremendous trouble doing so. As a famous philosopher once said, "The easiest way to control people is to lie to them."

Some of this information may be just too shocking for people to take on board. So I would suggest that this information is taken in via small chunks. I understand it can become overwhelming, if it does take a break and take a walk outside and look at things around you until you feel better.

I hope that the information on this page is found to be useful.

And by all means let me know if there is anything else you would like to see here by emailing me.

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