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Super Bowl 51 Rigged
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The first video is a 48 second clip where Fox announces the winner of the Super Bowl before the game ends at the 24 second mark - banner at the bottom of the screen appears announcing this fact.


This second video is nearly 12 minutes. It goes into the symbolism and also shows an incident in the Seahawks v Broncos game where a Seahawks player signals to a Broncos player which way he is to tackle. He tells the Bronco player, with his thumb, to go over the top of him or tackle him over the top. It also explains the lame tackle by the Falcons player that happened at the end of the Patriots v Falcons game (SB 51).


Here is a more complete video:

Last but not least here is the proof that the NFL classifies itself as "ENTERTAINMENT", is exempt from anti-trust laws and there are not 32 independent franchises. Please go here to read the research which includes 40 years of FBI documentation. Sad but true. Here is another post about the fact that the NFL is classified as "SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT". This is why rigged games (via the referees) are rampant - because it makes for better 'entertainment'.


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