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Where You Have Taken The Red Pill

The George Floyd Hoax in Great Detail

A 48 minute video showing how the George Floyd situation was created to coordinate with Antifa to 'incite and set things off'.

There are two videos - the top one is the main one and the second one is very short at 1 min 32 secs and shows the main points of the first one. I had put the first video up on my YouTube channel and today (1st June 2020) it was removed by YT as hate speech! See image of the screen shot of the notice below the second video.


For Android users that may be having trouble viewing this video, go here to download the VLC for Android video player. Install the app, then download the video here to save it to your device and then play it with the VLC app.

The video below is a very short 1 min 32 sec video of the main points in the video above.


Screen shot of YT warning


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