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The Real Truth About What Happened in Fukishima
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The Fukishima report that you can download from here was written by Jim Stone, an ex-NSA analyst. Prior to this report he was a very good amateur photographer in his spare time. But after writing it he became a full time investigative journalist and had to flee to Mexico as he became a hunted man. The report blew the lid off of what really happened in Fukishima that day.

Since that report was written and changed the life of Jim, he has been able to expose many of the events of the world since then and he has been a constant thorn in the side of the establishment.

Due to the nature of his analytical skills his site is constantly attacked which he has learnt to handle very well. His actual site is here and is updated daily apart from the weekend, although he occasionally posts on Saturday.

I have followed Jim's website ever since I came across it nearly 10 years ago. It is the place I go to daily. I do not go to any other 'news' site. His info is all I need to know what is REALLY going on in the world, not like the crap they feed you in the MSM (Main Stream Media). So far I have saved very page he has created for a number of years and the amount of data now amounts to over 5GB!

For the 48 pg PDF Japanese you can download it from here. For the 48 pg PDF English you can download it from here. For a combo PDF in English/Japanese download it from here.

The old page that showed this report as an HTML file actually had an 'iframe', which allows a page within a page, that showed the actual webpage of that info. But I have been revamping the site (April 2021), adding a new codebase before finishing the site off and adding many more pages, and have discovered that using iframes is not really a good idea and causes issues with Apple devices. So what I have done is zipped the entire page up and you can download it here and view it from within your own computer environment. The file is 136MB in size.

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