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JFK Jr. & Snr.
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Thousands of pages of information have been written by very knowledgable people but the first three articles below were blocked from being accessible within minutes of being posted on a public research board where people were collectively digging for information on these, and other, topics. When this occurred I immediately went over to and found the pages and spent a few hours saving them to my computer and then editing them to put on to this site (but having them look more or less exactly as they originally did at their respective sites). So I present these hard to view articles for you to peruse at your leisure. Enjoy! (The links below are clickable.)

The Killing of a president, By Roger Craig.

Was JFK Jr. Murdered?

A Second opinion on the JFK Jr. crash.

JFK Jr. told the world who killed his father but no one would listen.

Bush Sr. when talking about JFK Sr. being shot at President Ford's funeral.


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