Matrix Files
Where You Have Taken The Red Pill

Truth Talk - How the system traps you and how to exit it

Here is the page, which opens in a new window, with 165 audio files that you can listen to from the actual page without having to download them. These audios deal with the many aspects to setting up your company and what can happen with various agencies. This process is UK-centric but can be adapted with a bit of research to your specific country. The page allows you to listen to the audios one after the other until you click/tap on 'Stop'. There is a slight quirk in the code in that the second audio starts when accessing the page, so just click on the first file to begin. When you have finished, a blue check mark will appear against the file just listened to that indicates you have listened to it.

Videos to give you understanding on the Limited Company process.

Birth Certificate Notification Form (BNF01)

Names and Languages

Letters and Correspondence

The Deed Poll

Types of Name


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