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The Georgia Guidestones
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The Georgia Guidestones are a group of standing stones erected in 1980 in a field in Elbert County, Georgia, USA. The co-ordinates of these stones are: 34°13'55"N 82°53'40"W

Georgia Guidestones

They have inscribed on them a set of ten guidelines the first of which is:

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

guidestone inscriptions guidestone inscriptions

That's five hundred million if you didn't read that correctly.

Currently the world's poulation stands at, or nearly at, 8 billion depending on where you source the information.

So how is that first precept going to be achieved? Well, you see it starting right now (Feb 2021). In fact the slaughter began last January 2020 when this so-called pandemic was rolled out. The actual murder/genocide didn't start in earnest until the 'vaccine' was made available. Now, the information is slowly coming out in alternative media and on alternative social networks that people are dying in their thousands because of receiving the 'vaccine'. You can see this page here of a small sampling of the deaths that have been kept from you. I say small, because many of the deaths are not being reported as such and are being swept under the carpet as deaths from 'other' causes.

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