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The Overpopulation Myth
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All the information presented here is available to find online. I have used Wikipedia as the source for most of the basic data even though I don't like using it, but the data is something that cannot be altered very easily or lied about as many academic institutions and government agencies also have it.

For this example I have taken one of the most populated cities in America, Union City, NJ, and used that in comparison to the area of Texas. Both data points are easily checked by you and others.

Here are some images of the location of the city and the city itself:

City of Union, NJ, USA

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Map of Union City Union City border Bergen Line
Kennedy Blvd Union City street
Union City street Union City street
overhead shot overhead shot 2

» Area = 1.283 Sq Miles
» Population = 66,455
» Estimate for 2018 = 68,520
» Population density = 51,810.1/sq mile
» Source =,_New_Jersey
» City link =

Texas, the state

Texas within the USA
» Area = 268,581 sq mi
» Population (2019) = 28,995,881
» Population density= 108/sq mile
» Source:

Now that we have the basic info we can do some simple calculations to see how many people Texas can sustain according to the population density of Union City, NJ. A note on Union City - it looks like a very nice city with very nice architecture, trees, picturesque streets, shops and no feeling of 'living on top of one another'.

» a). Area of Texas = 268,581 sq mi
» b). Population density of Union City = 51,810/sq mile
» a x b = 13,915,181,610
» This is nearly 14 BILLION people just in the state of Texas living without undue stress
» Even if HALF the land was available (for the other half to be used to grow food), which means half the number of people, that still leaves 6.957 BILLION people!

So from the above you can see that the overpopulation scaremongering is BULLSHIT!

So WHY are some people in government/elite circles talking about the problem of overpopulation? One word - CONTROL. The more people that live on the planet the less control the elite are able to exert over them.

Also, the elite, who control the governments and the elected politicians, want to enjoy this planet for themselves and take it back to having only 500,000,000 (500 millon) people (see the Georgia Guidestones for the proof. The location of these stones is here or 34°13'55N 82°53'40W).

This planet can comfortably sustain 25-50 billion people EASILY! For the gloablists, put that in your pipe and smoke it. Goddamn bastards. The only reason it doesn't is because of greed and the 1% who take everything for themselves and who also pollute the air, destroy the food supply via Gentically Modified Organisms, destroy the water supply through the dumping of chemicals which they create from their various industries, cause various diseases for profit (cancer or AIDS anyone??), create money out of thin air then force governments to borrow this fake money at interest which causes governments to impose taxes to pay off a fictitous debt, etc, ad nauseum. And the list goes on.... A lot of all this is covered within this site. I will link the various points here when pages become available.


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