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911 September Clues Video
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The video below is one that I came across from the website It is an amazing expose from the point of view of dispassionately dissecting public broadcast television that was available at the time, and which is now on millions of video tapes around the world.

It very clearly shows how we, collectively, were deceived in a quite spectacular way. Only when one has gotten over the emotional trauma of what happened on that day can one look at this video with new eyes. One needs to put emotion aside and watch with the logical part of one's brain to literally see the enormity of what is being shown here.

There are those who will refuse to believe the fact that a criminal conspiracy took place at the highest levels of governments around the world. For this could not have been 'pulled off' without the co-operation of many leaders and government officials.

To those, and those that say that any 911 conspiracy is bunk, I say to you, "Prove to me that there wasn't a conspiracy!". If you are not up to the task, then SHUT.THE.FUCK.UP.

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