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Larry Ray Hall


1950 - 2011

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Larry Ray Hall

A Tribute to Larry Ray Hall

Larry Hall was one of the finest men I’ve ever met. A true gentleman in every sense of the word and with a deep caring nature that caused him to help so many who were in need of assistance in the great effort to seek restoration of the Republic.

In recent times, his reserves were badly depleted as more and more people called on him for help and the Dark Forces continued to act against them. Too, his family strength began to diminish with his daughter and son-in-law losing their home to a fire recently and another son-in-law passing on, with the funeral the day after his Grand Jury appearance.

The IRS CID agent would not permit his appearance to be delayed and Larry had 3 days to prepare his evidence for the Grand Jury, despite the distress being experienced by his family. Larry observed that CID IRS owned the Grand Jury and jurors had no part in the decision to deny delay. The second day scheduled for his appearance was the day of the funeral and he chose to submit a statement rather than neglect his grieving family.

This statement and 700 pages of evidence were submitted to the Jury. And despite this and the massive amount of evidence, the Jury, it being the last day of its session, issued an indictment against him and a warrant for his arrest. Could the evidence be studied in a day’s time and a learned opinion be reached or did CID IRS instruct the jury as to what the Grand Jury opinion should be? It does not require much thought to know what happened on that Dark Day of February 15.  

Larry Hall took his life on Thursday, Feb 17th, 2011, in despair of our country ever returning to its place of being a Great Republic. Dr. Dale Livingston, author of 'An Extraordinary Lawsuit', calls it Death by Grand Jury.

The Dark Forces are mistaken if it is believed that acts against one of us will cause activities to restore the Republic to cease. The winds of change are sweeping clean the planet and ways of the past. Those inflamed energies have erupted in countries far from us and our senses are heightened to embrace the changes that must occur here. The Dark Forces are exposed and being made visible to the world. Dark can not exist where the Light shines upon it.

Our world of free choice does not create victims, only volunteers and this is what Larry did - he volunteered to reveal the manipulators of our system to make the world a better place. Perhaps you do not agree with the choice he made. None the less, he is honored among the great heroes of our time. We are yet to see the greater good of his actions and influence.

Larry is sorely missed by his family and friends who loved him deeply and by the multitudes of people in the community, who treasured his support and thoughtfulness on their behalf.

If you wish to make a contribution to the family, you may do so on the Family Fund Page and all funds will be for the benfit of the family.

Funeral Service at 2 pm - Friday February 25

Tabor Rice Funeral Home

75 South 13th Avenue


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Reception after the service

Knights of Columbus

1096 E Bridge Street

Brighton Colorado

Please bring a dish, desert or other favorite food to share with the group

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Larry’s family and friends thank you for the many prayers that you have sent their way.