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Whole Person

A National and International Fertility Process

Practitioner Training

London: 15th -18th June 2006

Niravi Payne
"Niravi Payne changed our lives. During our work with her we birthed two beautiful babies and deepened the bond in our relationship. She is a dedicated warrior and a brilliant pioneer in the field of fertility."
    -Musician Kenny Loggins and wife Julia
The Whole Person Fertility Program is the first mind-body program based on the latest scientific research that teaches women and couples groundbreaking methods of conscious fertility that can work with or without the assistance of a physician.

Niravi Payne, the founder of The Whole Person Fertility Program, uses the same exercises, family tree mappings, meditations, visualizations and journal writing that have helped her clients to work through their emotional barriers to conception and heal their relationship with self, mate and family. This comprehensive program also addresses the question:"Who says you're too old?"

The Books

The first mind-body program that helps women and couples to discover and work through emotional and psychological barriers to conception......more

Three Rivers Press, 1998 Thorsons, U.K., 2002 Scherz, 1999 Editorial Atlantida, 1998

Ms. Payne is a nationally and an internationally recognized pioneer and leader in the mind-body field of reproductive health. She is an experienced psychotherapist and biofeedback specialist...... more

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