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Exiting the Matrix - How to Reclaim Yourself in a System that will Honor Your Correct Effort
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The following video is relatively recent (Feb/Mar 2021) and takes you through what it takes to become the Beneficiary of your name and birth certificate instead of being stuck in the trustee position (which is the position you are in without you having any clue that this happened or how). It goes into what happened to you at your birth and the steps that your parents failed to take to claim you as their property which is when the State deemed that you were abandoned by your parents (14 days after you were born). If you think that this is a little bit much (or even sick) ever heard of the saying 'ignorance of the law is no excuse'?

It also shows you proofs of what will happen once you correct your 'Standing' and the benefits you may expect. A quite long video of nearly 2.5 hours but very well worth it.

The page code has been done in such a way so that the first few minutes (which are setup minutes) are not shown. But you can 'rewind' at any time to view the video right from the beginning.

A link to the Facebook Group is here, and the YouTube channel is here. Dïevergent5's own website is here.

As to who invented the Birth Certificate game here is a short 16 min video as to the most likely answer.

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