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Judge Anna von Reitzinger
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I was in two minds about providing information about Judge Anna because in email communications with her, when I pulled her up on an incorrect piece of information in one of her documents, she attacked me for no apparent reason and called me a few names. Needless to say, I have stopped all communications from her and no longer go to her website or read any of her stuff. On top of that, although she has tons of information to share it comes at the cost of a huge amount of time in wading through all of it to find what you need.

I came across Judge Anna's writings a few years ago and found the information that she has written quite extraordinary. BUT she hides all that info in documents with titles that have no reflection on what is inside them which is a HUGE disservice to people and borders on downright suppressiveness. She explains most of the fraud that has been perpertrated against America and the American people in great detail - details that you will not likely ever see in one place. Which is why it is included here. The list of 5000+ documents starts in the lower part of the page. Here is her site:


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