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A video on Hydroxychloroquine that has been banned everywhere

This video shows the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine and the subsequent criminal fraud around that fact. Source:

This is a video that has been banned everywhere because it shows once and for all that hydroxychloroquine is effective in CURING anyone with the COVID19 'virus'. There are many more studies and hundreds of doctors stating the same FACT - that this drug works. So why are there so many people saying otherwise? Because, as hard as it is for people to comprehend this, certain people WANT people dead to inflate these COVID19 numbers for monetary gain - Dr. FAuci himself, who lauded the drug back in 2005, now comes out against it or pours doubt on claims that it helps patients. Why? Because he and Bill and Melinda Gates are heavily invested in a company called Gilead Sciences that are coming out with a competing drug, Remdesivir, that only has an 8% efficacy but are pushing it heavily because they will cash in on millions of dollars. What horrific people we have put in positions of 'authority' or have allowed to be in positions of 'authority' (and I'm talking about Bill & Melinda Gates, Dr. Fauci, Amanda Birx, etc, NOT president Trump (written in 2020), who has to deal with these disgusting vermin).

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