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FDA knew of side effects of vaccines - even Death. Tried to cover it up.
(Starting 3 seconds before the point where the slide is displayed that shows the side effects so you can more easily see the slide being skipped)

Source: U.S.Food and Drug Administration YouTube Channel.

The above video is from 22nd of October 2020 and is over 8 hrs long. It is a presentation by the FDA/W.H.O about many things including the side effects of the vaccines, though this is very quickly skipped over (at the 2 hr, 33 minute 40 second mark). But the slide is shown, if only for a split second (its less than 0.3s!). The slide image is shown below with Deaths (top arrow) and Vaccine Enhanced disease (bottom arrow) highlighted by red arrows. If you want to see this slide, when clicking 'play' you have to click or tap again to stop the video. If the slide still doesn't show up do this rapid start/stop clicking or tapping until the slide appears

World Health Organization slide showing side efects, including death and vaccine induced disease

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