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How to travel freely in a COVID world
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Professor Dolores Cahill explains why travel restrictions are illegal/unlawful and at the bottom of the page Peggy Hall talks about religious exemptions

The following video (10 mins 22s) is of Professor Cahill explaining how she travels without wearing a mask or taking any PCR test and the second video (11 mins 17s) is her explaining the Crime of Malfeasance that every government official (or private citizen) can be charged with if they infringe on your God-given rights.


The next video is one of a regular Canadian (actually not a regular chap as you will see) who arrives at Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Toronto who refuses a PCR test and shows how they are lying to you when they say 'you have to ....', have/do whatever it is they want you to have or do, which proves Professor Cahill's information correct.

Source: here and here.

What the above illustrates is an aspect of law in the West that is not very pleasant - you have to stand up for your rights (in other words, fight for them). It does not work the way you think it does. You may be thinking 'I have rights, how can they do this?' They can because the way it works in the West is that your rights are not handed to you on a platter. You have to fight or stand up for them. Therefore you CANNOT assume that those in power will not infringe on them. They will and have done for a very long time because they CAN unless you refuse. If you do not know your rights those in power will take your rights away without a thought. Why? Because you have not stood up for them. That is literally how it is in the Western adversarial system of law. IF you don't stand up for your rights they will be taken away from you by force, which is what it actually is when you are confronted by someone in 'authority' who tells you to do something, knowing full well that what they are teling you to do is against the law. If you don't stand up to these thugs (which is basically what they have become), which they are banking on, you have already lost. Watch Dr. Cahill's videos again and see if you can find some info on Youtube about your rights. Read your Constitution and Bill of Rights. Read the Civil Rights Act. This is, unfortunately, a time that has been long prophesied in the Bible. Please avail yourself of the knowledge to know how to live in this world safely.

I have repeated myself numerous times - because the information is so vital for you to 'get'.

I have also included a link to Peggy Hall's site page where she talks about Religious Exemptions protected under State and Federal Law. I have included one of her videos below to show you the different ways that the law is on YOUR side, not the side of those telling you to wear a mask or have a PCR test or have a vaccine. This is information that 'they' desperately do NOT want you to have. On Peggy's site she has this verbiage, "Your right to shop mask-free is protected by state and federal civil law, which defends your religious freedom. This religious exemption card clearly states the applicable laws, and penalty for violating the laws. This card is for educational purposes and may be used to show business associates, but it does not guarantee your entry into any particular business establishment. ....". Please go to her site for a more thorough going over of all this data. If you want to download the Religious Exemption and Civil Rights cards as a package please click here.


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