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Where You Have Taken The Red Pill

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Plandemic, part 1, with Dr. Judy A. Mikovits
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This video that has been censored just about everywhere. Source:, now no longer working!

This video has been censored heavily by YouTube and other big tech platforms like Facebook and Google on the order of the W.H.O. (World Health Organization). Why would they do that? For a variety of reasons - first and foremost to prevent YOU from getting the truth about those 'advising' the government and their conflict of interest and their nefarious past. Secondly, to control YOU and thirdly for money - the W.H.O are heavily invested in making a 'vaccine' that will cost thousands of dollars, when hydroxychloroquine is the MOST effective drug for using against this 'virus'. Over 6,000 doctors around the world have found it to be so. It has been around since 1955 and costs less than 10 cents for one dose compared to the new drug/vaccine from the W.H.O that will cost nearly $10,000 for one dose.


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