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Gertrudis Taveras murdered in a Brooklyn, NY, hospital, April 2020

This page is dedicated to Gertrudis Taveras who was diagnosed with COVID19 and went to hospital for treatment. Instead of being treated she was given an injection of some sort which killed her. Before she died she was able to call one of her family members to tell them what was happening with her. The transcript of the video, which is in Spanish, is below the video.


"Good afternoon everyone, I would like to share with you this sad farewell of this lady. Listening to this audio I'm doing it because she is my wife's cousin and she was in this hospital in Brooklyn where they are receiving people. And there she felt trapped and had a tragic situation. I share with you all, this, so each of you reflects because I know each one of you has a family. And [if] the person doesn't feel in a bad condition, it is not necessary to go to the hospital because for me to understand her audio, where she feels trapped, it's like they have so many people with the virus, that for them its much easier to administer an injection, and to get rid of them quickly, for them to stop spreading of the virus, for them not to get infected, and to stop the infection rapidly. It means that if you arrived with the virus they are going to apply this injection and get rid of you, and for them, it will be much easier to send them to the morgue or freeze them, and we stopped the virus. In here we are not thinking of the human being, and this is very sad and for myself, it has been painful, because she was a very close member of our family.

I listened to this audio and it has been very difficult and painful for me and that's why I took the courage, and opportunity with each one of you, because I know you have many close family members, that they may be going through to the same situation, and to be honest and if you have the best way to help them, to be treated from home, naturally, it would be the best advice, and not to get into the arms of them, and then feel trapped, and to determine that for them its much easier to get out of this by administering an injection, and they get rid of this person.

This lady arrived the next day. As you can hear on the audio, we can still hear this lady talking, and she was in good health. And suddenly they gave her the injection, the family went to the hospital the next day, and the hospital gave them the bad news that the lady sadly passed away.

And this is something that has impacted all of us. I was in charge of spreading out this news to all our contacts of this situation. So this doesn't happen again with another member of their family. Ok, look after yourself, and May God protects us, and keep us safe from this scary situation. At the same time, it's very sad that this is happening. Please do take care of yourself, and God protects each one of you with his hands. Many blessings."


"They brought me to this rubbish hospital, and they are injecting everyone, so each one of them died, don't get frightened, even me. I have been injected as well, but God is there, and he knows what's happening. They didn't give us a single pill, and they don't let anyone see us, nobody is allowed to come in. I love each of you."

A note about this: Two weeks ago remote viewers that I am aware of discovered this scenario was taking place, or was about to take place, but had no physical proof. After passing on this inforamtion to them they thanked me for providing the physical world proof of something they had 'seen'.

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