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Windows 10 - The Vacuum Cleaner of OSes and a Perfect Spy Tool to Boot!

If you have not read any of the other pages about the various Windows Operating Systems, Windows 10 is built on the codebase of VISTA. VISTA stands for Virtual Instant Surveillance Tactical Application. What is the hook with the Windows 10 version? How nice it looks and how 'secure' it is touted to be.

This is how TPTB (The Powers That Be) get people hooked - by making things either very easy to use or make things that look really nice (Apple products anyone?). This version of Windows has both. I have installed Windows 10 on a client's laptop and was impressed with how the interface looked and how easy it was to find things. If it were not for my knowledge of what this OS (Operating System) is based on I would have moved to it last year (2020).

For anyone who has sensitive information on their computer like crypto currency wallets, bank account details and passwords, architectural drawings, inventions, patents, original audio recordings, book drafts, 'intimate' videos of you and your wife/girlfriend and the like, all that data has by now been copied and siphoned off and is sitting on a server somewhere awaiting inspection. In the patent arena some of you that are reading this may have had the experience of discovering someone else patented an invention like yours before you did. Well, this is how it was done. And this is the one reason why I will NEVER, EVER use this version of Windows on my personal computer.

If I had an installation of Windows 10 I would disable updates, which on this version of Windows is very difficult to do in such a way that the updates settings don't turn themselves on again, but it is possible. Maybe when I have enough time I will draw up a guide as to how to do it. In the meantime search for this info on the net. There are enough people who have done this and have posted about it.

There is one product that I know of that shuts down the communication lines between your computer and Microsoft's servers. That product is called Spybot AntiBeacon and the free version (a bit out of date now) can be downloaded here. Just make sure you also go through the tabs at the top of the window to shut down other avenues of communication that this program finds.

At this point though, if I was forced to update to Windows 10 (due to great difficulties from navigating on the 'net or doing things on my computer) I would actually ditch Microsoft entirely and move to Linux Mint - a particular distribution of Linux that is very good. Far better than Ubuntu (which is a horrible piece of shit) which it is based on. I installed Linux Mint onto my Toshiba laptop a number of years ago and have it available whenever I boot up my computer either from hibernation or from a hard reboot.

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