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This site aims to be one of the best sites on the internet to find alternative news and information.

Here are the 7 most important pages in this site. The first page is about a video that shows a document that was found on the NASA website dated from 2001 yet talks about warfare in 2025 and that info is now manifesting around us today. It is 35 minutes long. The second one has a video that is 1.5 hrs long with some important information below the video. It goes over data on the various pharmaceutical websites that are accessible to eveyone but which very few people have taken the time to look at. The third link is to a page that shows you what the masks and PCR tests (swabs) contain. The 4th link is to a page that has just over an hour long video that goes into great detail about the link betwen your teeth and your health. The 5th link is to a page that shows a video of magnets sticking to COVID19 vaccination sites and an explanation below the video of why this is happening. The 6th link is showing that the FDA/W.H.O. knew of the side-effects of the COVID-19 vaccines and the last link goes to a page that provides a cure for COVID-19 amongst other diseases!
  1. The End of Mankind?
  2. The Elite's End Game
  3. What's in the Masks and PCR tests?
  4. Root Cause - Your health and your Teeth
  5. MagnetGate.
  6. FDA knew of side effects of vaccines
  7. COVID-19 CURE! - YES!! There is a CURE!

This site is still under construction.

Here you will find a culmination of over 38 years of research and Life experiences condensed into one site.

If you read everything that is on this site and look at all the images and videos you will come to a much better understanding of the world and the Universe we live in. You will also understand how to cure cancer and most other diseases and come to know that vaccines are the most dangerous thing you can give your child.

The personal cost of bringing you this information has been tremendously high, as it has for others with their info. So please treat it with respect. If you find something that you need more data on please don't hesitate to contact me. I will endeavour to respond within 24hrs.

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