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The Secret Super High Mileage Report


Bruce McBurney is an extraordinarily dedicated researcher and inventor who has endured more than just the average scepticism and indifference that an inventor usually faces. Bruce's quest to find a more efficient and less polluting way to burn gasoline has met with a wall of political and corporate suppression. The bricks of that wall have been many: bureaucratic red tape, the mysterious and sudden withdrawal of support from one time enthusiastic backers, the outright ominous admission of certain politicians that, "We're up against the big boys on this one. There's nothing we can do."

Bruce's idea takes the form of a super carburettor, an idea that has been around since the early 1930's. It was proven to be a workable idea then and has ever since encountered suppression on many levels. Evidence suggests that some "supercarb" inventors have been bought off, some have bowed to threats and intimidation, and some have met untimely mysterious deaths and many did not understand what was really happening. To further confuse the bigger picture, bogus super carburettor patents and do it yourself kits have flooded the scene convincing some who investigate them that all super carburettors have no merit. If that wasn't enough, gasoline additives have poisoned the process by which this theory operates making experimentation that much more difficult. The reasons given for the presence of these additives by the oil companies is misguided at best and scandalous at worst!

Bruce's techniques are unique and shed new light on some of the ideas that have been associated with super carburettors from the outset.

What is documented in this report are the hurdles both scientific and political that Bruce has endured so far and the ones that lie ahead. The goal is adoption of the techniques presented here on a large scale throughout society. Crucial to the success of this endeavour is an understanding of it by as many people as possible. Please read this report with an open mind. If you need more information, Bruce's time is available to anyone who is interested. If you understand this report and agree that the McBurney process has merit, please pass the information on and assist in whatever way you can. We cannot let greed and fear rob us of our environmental future.

Philip Lococo

Note: Philip is a local journalist and political activist here in Niagara Falls


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