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4th October 2014 - Wrapping up, thoughts and more

Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2014 3:26 am
by judgedredd
Here is the link for the show on the 4th October 2014: ... s-and-more

The above link becomes an ARCHIVE link after the show finishes. So if you can't listen to it at the time shown you can always come back at a later time and still use the same link to listen to the archive.

I thought that my show on the 30th of September would be my last but I have realised that I have left a few loose ends that I want to deal with.

One of these loose ends is doing the golden nuggets for the last two live shows. I don't want to become lazy right at the end!

Also there is much to discuss from the last show and bits and pieces that were left out.

I will also be going over what I see as the fraud and deception that has been promoted about the name and how to play in this world and not be the effect of it.

I will also be introducing an opportunity that I know will be part of my future and for anyone who wants to join me and start moving forward to a better future for themselves I will be their mentor in handling various attitudes that one may have that have been taken on board, maybe without one even realizing it.

So please join me for one last show of Unhooking Yourself from the Matrix.


Coin's Financial Course - good info about about why gold should NOT be used to back a currency.

The Poem referenced in the episode

My new business
I have removed references to it as I have gone in a different direction.