30th September 2014 - The Love Story of Andrew and Marie

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30th September 2014 - The Love Story of Andrew and Marie

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Here is the link for the live show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/matrixfile ... love-story

The above link is now also the archive link.

There may or may not be a golden nuggets segment this week. It will depend on whether I have had the time to review the audio with Carlton Berkley from two weeks ago.

This is going to be the last show that I will be doing and it will be a 3 hr special about actual events that happened over the last 9 days or so. The names in the story have changed to protect both individuals from the repercussions of any government agent or agency that may happen to listen to this particular show as it involved Andrew going into the USA by swimming across the Detroit River and then swimming back again to Canada to get home.

This is a story about love at its most fundamental level with hope, honor, courage, integrity and strength as the hallmarks of a man and about a woman's desire to be loved and supported for who she is. This story contains many characters who all helped in Andrew's quest to see his love for the last time before she embarked on a new life with another man.

With all the horrible stuff going on in the world today this story is one of encouragement in the fact that there are still wonderful people in the world. It also reveals how God/the Universe/ Life, endeavored to support and protect Andrew in his dangerous journey to deliver his message of love.

Please tune in and take part in this very special show as Marie will be listening and hopefully on the call in the third hour.

Thanks to all for being my audience for these past few months.

Nuggets of Gold
  • At any point Andrew could have chosen to stop and/or do nothing. But he didn't and life supported him fully.
  • One can do things under God's grace and do things without effort or you can do things by yourself and have difficulties.
  • When living under God's grace one needs to ignore the human aspect of doing things. The human aspect being various thoughts that may come up to prevent one from doing what needs to be done.
  • You can change your future easily by dealing with your thoughts, your attitudes and your feelings.
  • Value comes from us - from within.

Attitude Drills
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