27th September 2014 - Re-run of the show about the Body Intelligence with Elrisse

Show times given here as well as what topics discussed in each show. This forum will include audio links to each show.
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27th September 2014 - Re-run of the show about the Body Intelligence with Elrisse

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Here is the archive link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/matrixfile ... body-intel

I am still on the road and will be returning for a live show on the 4th October 2014.

This is a re-run of the show dealing with the Body's own intelligence.

I will go over the nuggets of gold for the last two weeks. Then we will get right into the topic of today's show.

We have Elrisse back on today and she will be answering questions and talking about the Body's Intelligence.

The Body itself has 75 trillion cells, or thereabouts, and each of these cells has an intelligence that 'looks after it'. There are also more senior intelligences that look after a particular part of the body. Elrisse will be talking about this discovery and how this discovery can be utilized by anyone who is willing to start consciously communicating with their own body.

You really have no idea who you are or what your potenial is until you start to learn about these little beings who actually run your body and keep you healthy and functioning properly (and even then it can be a long road to getting to know yourself).

Your relationship to these intelligences or little beings can be greatly enhanced if you apply what you learn after listening to this show. You will learn many things about your body that some scientists are starting to observe and many spiritual people and body workers are also tuning into in different ways.

This is a show dedicated to each and every one of your own amazing Body Intelligences and the beings that try and keep the body functioning properly. They need your conscious help now with all the attacks that are being directed at them (chemtrails, fluoride, poisoned or low quality food, poisoned or low quality water, poisoned or poor quality air, electronic/EMF attacks, artificial radiation, etc).

Tune in and have a great learning experience!

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