6th September 2014 - Carlton on next week - Jerry F. Kirk talks about his Notorious Declaration and the Father's Laws

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6th September 2014 - Carlton on next week - Jerry F. Kirk talks about his Notorious Declaration and the Father's Laws

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Here is the show link for the 6th September 2014: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/matrixfile ... on-berkley

I will go over last weeks nuggets of gold before getting into this weeks show.

Today we were scheduled to have Carlton Berkley, an ex-NY police detective, on as a guest. Unfortunately there was an incident on Thursday where someone left a dead rat on the hood of his car. The media were all over the story this Saturday (the 6th) and he was scheduled to be interviewed around the time he was to be on my show. It was agreed that he would come on the show next week.

To fill in for Carlton I invited my friend Jerry F. Kirk onto the show and he was able to graciously put aside the time to come and talk about his Notorious Declaration that he first created back in 1987. A Notorious Declaration is what the legal term is for the Declaration of Independence.

Jerry also talks about jurisdiction, and the laws he follows according to the Father in Heaven.

Nuggets of Gold
  • If you have Assistance of Counsel it means you have a say in the case and how it is run. When you are represented by a lawyer you have no say in what happens with the case and in what direction it goes.
  • La Dietus - A Man (or Woman) created by the Creator.
  • What scares government is the ability of an individual to place his immortal life before his physical life.
  • One must put one's intent down on paper and file it into the county recorders office or equivalent.
  • Prior to the KJV of the bible there was no discussion of property, only duties and responsibilities (Geneva Bible)
  • God is spelt dog backwards.
  • Language used to be read from right to left.
  • Sulphur, a naturally occurring mineral, was used a long time ago to keep infections out of the body. Sulphur was in the water.

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