30th August 2014 - Finishing up last weeks info and docs & going over interesting experiences from legalland in England

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30th August 2014 - Finishing up last weeks info and docs & going over interesting experiences from legalland in England

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SPONSOR INFORMATION: This weeks show is sponsored in part by The Financial Independence Project - dedicated to offering you quality business and personal financial coaching and a program to help you eliminate 10's of thousands in interest to banks & creditors and become Mortgage & Debt Free in 5-12 Years without significantly impacting your lifestyle.

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The Financial Independence Project
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Here is the radio show link for the 30th August 2014: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/matrixfile ... aill-in-uk

An archive of the show is here: http://matrixfilesradio.com/shows/30Aug ... t-2014.mp3

I will go over last weeks Nuggets of Gold before finishing off last weeks information dump! I will then relate my experience of legalland in England.

When I went back to England in 2010 I ended up at my mothers house and eventually helped her with a traffic ticket which she got for parking half of her car on the sidewalk (to get it out of the way of the traffic on a narrow road - otherwise it stuck out dangerously).

I created some very interesting techniques and found that they worked. I even partially used Jerry Kirks information on removing ones car from the system and was floored (extremely surprised) at how close the responses were to what Jerry got (he lives in Arkansas, USA). I also discovered the joys of defacing/changing a 'government' document by hand!

I will provide all the related material if I can redact the private information in time for tomorrow.

Please join me again for another interesting call!

Nuggets of Gold
  • When you sign a document and sign on a line you become the underwriter for that document.
  • There are no such things as silver bullets (things that work with very little effort).
  • State of Arkansas (for example) is a fiction and so is STATE OF ARKANSAS. Arkansas the state is a geographical, physical location.
  • If you are presented with an agreement or contract that has paragraphs that you don't agree with cross them out by drawing two parallel lines going from the bottom left of the paragraph to the top right and write the word VOID within those lines. Then initial that paragraph beside the word void or in the right hand margin.
  • You do not need an SS number to open a bank account.
  • When dealing with paperwork from the government be aware that you are dealing with contracts. You can remove your power of attorney from any paperwork you have ever submitted by filing a Revocation of Power of Attorney. 'What you giveth, you can taketh away.'

The video of the brilliant theme tune #WordCrimes
UK Car title docs and letters
(23.93 MiB) Downloaded 1338 times
Jerry's paperwork on removing a vehicle from the system
(1.94 MiB) Downloaded 1454 times
The above pdf (a combination of the four documents) is found in week 12 from here: http://matrixfiles.com/JerryKirk/
Parking ticket - steps shown on how it was neutralized
(54.19 MiB) Downloaded 1410 times
What the various colors mean in the legal/fictional world - especially the colors of paper in Robin Egg Blue, Pink and Yellow.
(121.85 KiB) Downloaded 1461 times
A traffic warden fails to write a ticket in the following video -
This happened just before the above video
The notice that was in the car in the video above is this one:
(909.04 KiB) Downloaded 1602 times
Here is another great notice to put in your car - designed for the US
(248.76 KiB) Downloaded 1553 times
The above came from the site http://www.getoutofdebtfree.org/Parking-Notice
Here is the pdf of that page:
Parking Notice - getoutofdebtfree.pdf
(471.48 KiB) Downloaded 1492 times
Another pdf follows that shows you how to discharge your mortgage without going to court. Actual letters used are included. This is from Ireland. Actual meaty stuff starts on page 11.
(1.91 MiB) Downloaded 1487 times
Here is a doc that spells out the four instances where asking for one's SS number is legal. Banks are not in the list and neither is gun registration.
(522.75 KiB) Downloaded 1480 times
Open an account at ANY bank without using SSN.pdf
(111.24 KiB) Downloaded 1582 times




Notice of Removal of Implied Right of Access
(38.56 KiB) Downloaded 1483 times
Debt Collector Letter that I used with great success to stop dead a debt collector for Sprint -doc and pdf files below
(44.2 KiB) Downloaded 1525 times
(52.54 KiB) Downloaded 1432 times

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