23rd August 2014 - My own experiences with the US (in)justice system and what I did and learnt in my own cases

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23rd August 2014 - My own experiences with the US (in)justice system and what I did and learnt in my own cases

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Here is the show link for the 23rd August 2014: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/matrixfile ... -injustice

Show time: 12pm EST (5pm GMT)

Call-in number: 718-506-1454

I will go over last weeks nuggets of gold before getting into this weeks topic which is going over my experiences with the US (in)justice system.

My first foray into the world of the abysmally corrupt justice system in America happened in 2007 and was due to a low speed rear end accident. I was eventually 'arrested' for not having a valid 'driving license' in Illinois.

That began my 3 year fight to stay in America. From that point on I began learning about the 'law' and the corrupt justice system on an exponential learning curve. I got to work with people like Lawyer Dude (who is now deceased), Marc Stevens and Tony King, as well as using something that Tim Turner came up with.

I will go over all these items in great detail on the show and go over the pitfalls of doing the various actions that I learnt about.

Examples of what I used in my court cases will be up on my forum under todays show date.

Nuggets of Gold
  • When asking questions designed to pierce the social veneer, the time taken to answer is what you are looking for. The longer the time taken the lower on the tone scale the individual is.
  • If you ever get a ticket or something of that nature go to court before your hearing to get used to the atmosphere and lessen your fear of appearing before a judge.
  • Stay clear of Marc Stevens. He takes money from people with providing the requisite service.
  • When you enter a courtroom you have no idea what is going on inside it. For example, when you enter a courtroom you are entering a foreign jurisdiction.
  • Assistance of counsel, as stated in the United States Constitution, is NOT the same as being represented by a lawyer (called a public defender when provided by the court).
  • In a traffic ticket case they will try and give you a bench trial. DO NOT ACCEPT THIS. DEMAND A TRIAL BY JURY.
  • When given a verbal agreement by a lawyer insist on getting it in writing right then and there so that there is a RECORD of it otherwise it is your word against theirs.
  • If you know the statutes for your state you can end up being more comfortable dealing with any law enforcement officer or agent of the government for that area.
  • When you don't know the law you leave yourself open to abuse by enforcement officers.
  • To void ANY legal document of contract you sign your name and put the words UNDER PROTEST right by it on the left.
  • Going to court, no matter what the reason, is detrimental to your health.

DuPage Case Sept. 2007
1st try - Lawyer Dude
(511.02 KiB) Downloaded 1349 times
2nd try - Marc Stevens
(42.77 KiB) Downloaded 1432 times
Response to above by Illinois
(70.39 KiB) Downloaded 1316 times
(25.9 KiB) Downloaded 1295 times
This is actually the correct criminal motion. I had printed out a different one by mistake.
(46.03 KiB) Downloaded 1264 times
(68.63 KiB) Downloaded 1260 times
(28.15 KiB) Downloaded 1241 times
(22.1 KiB) Downloaded 1252 times
3rd Try - David Myrland
The famous David Myrland Traffic Joinder - 100 pages. DM's Traffic Joinder actually starts on page 21.
(3.5 MiB) Downloaded 1158 times
4th Try - Tim Turner's Negative Averment mentored by Wendy in Tennessee
Part 1 of the Negative Averment
(137.29 KiB) Downloaded 1252 times
Part 2 of the Negative Averment
(87.63 KiB) Downloaded 1195 times
5th Try - Motion to Dismiss from an actual Lawyer - Tony Davis in Austin, Texas
(35.52 KiB) Downloaded 1326 times
6th Try - Appointment of Trustee and RoPoA (recission of Power of Attorney)
(107.55 KiB) Downloaded 1351 times
(135.03 KiB) Downloaded 1293 times
7th Try - Sent in a Certified Promissory Note
(98.9 KiB) Downloaded 1268 times
State of case is that it is inactive and I have never plead anything!

The statement on one of my outstanding cases (I have never 'appeared' in court or been arrested - even though there is an arrest warrant out for me) that has prevented anyone from arresting me: "For each public servant or corporate official that joins or becomes a part of this action apart from those already named (Police officers, State Troopers, State Attorneys, Judges, Jailers/Prison guards/officers, Detention/correctional officers, or any other person - corporate or human – that trespasses or attempts to trespass against me) – One million dollars per instance ($1,000,000.00)"

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