26th July 2014 - The Secrets of Communication part 2 with 2nd hour guest Dexter Gelfand

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26th July 2014 - The Secrets of Communication part 2 with 2nd hour guest Dexter Gelfand

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Here is the link for the upcoming show of Unhooking yourself from the Matrix with Christopher on Saturday the 26th July: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/matrixfile ... with-guest

Archive - Here is the archive of the show: http://matrixfilesradio.com/shows/26Jul ... y-2014.mp3 - You can right-click and 'Save Target as...' to save to your computer or click on this link and it will play in the window.

The golden nuggets are gone over from last week's show on communication and then the show proceeds with part 2 of the Secrets of Communication.

I also provide another reference for you, the listeners, dealing with communication which I did not have last week.

For the second hour I will have Dexter Gelfand from California who is a well experienced spiritual counselor, though the word counselor has a different meaning in this context from the regular one that you know. Dexter works on a very personal level with people everyday just about and he will shed more light on how important communication is in his type of work which deals with people's various problems or, as I would like to put it, potential growth/learning areas.

Please tune in for a very rewarding and informative show.

Golden Nuggets
  • The intention one has to another when one is talking with him/her is very important.
  • Once you control people (through lying) you can do anything you want with them.
  • Unless you verbalize or write a thought down it is not a part of this physical universe and will not act upon it until it is (though one can send a silent intention out and get it to act on the physical world).
  • The Universe we live in is an intelligent one.
  • People are so close to having a wonderful life, but they have a problem with that tiny little bit that will allow them to have that.
  • Email and texting takes the emotion out of one's communication/
  • When the communication formula is applied correctly it is not noticeable but when it is misapplied it is very noticeable.
  • 'The' would be better not to be in the dictionary as it seems to be the cause of many wars - 'The only way', The only religion', etc.
  • When one talks about something being 'hard to do', it includes the use of force.
  • As hard as anything is, is as strong as it is being resisted.
  • Anything can be expressed without offending the other individual.
  • Thoughts impinge on an individual.

Dexter's website: http://dexsessions.com

Phoenix Lectures
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