10th May 2014 - More on Water, going over a document that deals with CURING Arthrits, & talking about a website attack.

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10th May 2014 - More on Water, going over a document that deals with CURING Arthrits, & talking about a website attack.

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    Here is the link for this Saturday's Show, the 10th May: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/matrixfile ... hristopher

    Archive of the show is here (right click to 'Save link as...' or click to play): http://matrixfilesradio.com/shows/10May ... y-2014.mp3


    First I go over last weeks episode and provide you with the Nuggets of Gold that were uncovered although due to recent events I may not have this data available yet.

    I will cover more information on water as I left out a big pdf file that I put up last week but somehow forgot to go over. I will also discuss new information that came to me on how to safely eliminate Arthritis (in other words cure it).

    I will also talk about what happened with my website, Matrixfiles.com, as I would like to show you a real world example of how evil works in society.

    Please join me for an interesting show!

    Nuggets of gold - for the 10th May show
    • The technology of dew ponds has been around for at least 1,000 years.
    • The are 165 million kilograms of water per second flowing in atmospheric rivers around the world.
    • 1 cubic mile of water contains about 1 trillion gallons of water
    • If you really want something you will be tested on your integrity to wanting or having it. Will you settle for second best?
    • When you are tested there will usually be 3 or more 'events' that are the 'tests'. Are you able to discern which is the item for you? Are you a 'go-getter' or are you lazy or more interested in watching TV (or going to the pub)?
    • Borax is so good for you that it has been banned by most governments for human consumption!
    • Borax contains boron which is essential for good health of bones, teeth, cells and muscles.
    • Borax is classified as a poison so that people are scared off from utilizing it in their eating habits. Otherwise it would eat into the profits of the drug companies.
    • Ingesting Borax CURES arthritis.
    • When high soil boron levels are discovered these areas are covertly destroyed by the government/pharmaceutical industry.
    • 30mg of boron daily gets rid of arthritis from anywhere between 3 days to a few weeks. You can also take 1/8 to 1/4 of a teaspoon of borax to 1 litre of water per day.

    PDF from last week that was not gone over
    http://matrixfilesradio.com/shows/10May ... midity.pdf
    Arthritis document that shows how to eradicate it
    http://matrixfilesradio.com/shows/10May ... -borax.pdf
    Complaint received from a Scientology Lawyer
    http://matrixfilesradio.com/shows/10May ... plaint.pdf

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